Oak Apple Farm Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Here are our bucks, listed from oldest to youngest.

Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos VEV 89

Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos side view
Cernunnos 2014

Born 05/13/10

Linear appraisal 2015 VEV 89 (permanent score)
Linear appraisal 2014 VEE 90

NC Promisedland Tur-Beau *B x Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn

I have had my eye on Cernunnos for a couple of years before we purchased him. We are very glad to have him here! I love the strength of chine, rump length, width, levelness thurl to thurl, his straight front legs, and good feet. He scored a 40 for rump width--he is deceptively wide while retaining dairy character. Both Cernunnos' dam and grand dam have good udders, so hopefully that will come through as well. Thanks to Brenda Phillips of Rockstar Ranch for making him available, and (of course) thanks to Cheryle Moore-Smith for breeding him, as well as sharing the photos of young Cernunnos on the rocks. The side-view photo of young Cernunnos is courtesy of Wyl Smith. Click here to go to his page, including more pictures, progeny, and pedigree.

Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa

Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa side view

Born 03/22/2013

Linear Appraisal 2015 VEE 89

Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah x Dragonfly HFX Somali 90 VEVE

I love Mustafa's dam Somali's rump structure. Mustafa is small, but oh so stylish. Not flashy, mind you, but has good conformation that is put together in a plain wrapper. The closer you look at him, the better he is. He is another buck that may work well with both linebreeding and outcrossing as he is tightly bred on GCH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 88 VEE. Also praised for dairy character by our appraiser. Click here to go to his page, with more information and extended pedigree.

Flat Rock's Westley

Flat Rock's Westly side view Flat Rock's Westly rear view
2016, just prior to rut (somewhat overconditioned)

Born 06/11/2014

Flat Rock's Ember x Flat Rock's Ever After

Westley has developed into a pleasing young buck. He has a nice long rump, tight shoulders, straight front legs, and a very friendly demeanor. We REALLY want to see some udders out of his daughters. Just take a look at Flat Rocks Ella Enchanted VEEE 90 (owned by Joanne Karohl of Dragonfly Farm), to see why we are excited! Ella is a full sister to Westley's dam, Flat Rocks Ever After.

Oak Apple Presto

Oak Apple Presto side view
2016--very hard to hold still!

Born 06/28/2015

Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92 x Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo EVEV 90

This young buck is growing even more impressive as he matures. In the few months since the picture above was taken, he has gained even more length and depth of body. We are looking forward to seeing what is underneath the fluff later this spring!

Gabhran Creek Forged in Fire

Gabhran Creek Forged in Fire side view
Photo courtesey Tanya Callison of Gabhran Creek

Born 08/28/2015

Rockstar Ranch Paint it Black x SG TX Twincreeks SEM Fire N Ice VEEE 89

Another young buck that we are excited to use. Forgie is pretty much an outcross, but he is interesting to us as he is an outcross on stock/bloodlines that we are working with. He has a nice brisket, long rump, and good rib spring. His dam was appraised as a first freshener (VEEE 89), and is the dam of several nice progeny, too...

Oak Apple Mikado

Oak Apple Mikado side view

Born 06/22/2016

Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92 x Old Mountain Farm Mizuki

This young buck is very promising. He has pleasing length to his rump. He had a test breeding this year--we are looking forward to seeing udders from this son of Mizuki!

Oak Apple Ardent

Born 06/22/2016

Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos x Old Mountain Farm Helen

We are excited about this buck. Ardent has inherited the width of rump from both sides of his pedigree, while still being angular. Ardent is extremely fluffy right now (my excuse for not posting a photograph); he is one of the bucks that I'm actually looking forward to clipping just to see what is under all that fuzzy coat. He should combine well with some of our stock, and will be used more once we see a second freshening udder of his dam.