Oak Apple Farm Nigerian Dwarf Reference Does

Here are does that we have owned and still have an influence in our herd.

Old Mountain Farm Storm Brew'n

Old Mountain Farm Storm Brew'n rear view
Storm in 2014, dry

Born 01/22/2009

NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff +*B x MI Sugarcreek VL Windstorm 3*M

Storm was here for her ease of milk, good conformation, and easy-going temperament. Her dam is MI Sugarcreek VL Windstorm, who consistently produces kids with eye appeal. We have just this photo of her with a dry udder for now. On picture day she was VERY displeased with the whole process. We have retained Storm's daughter by Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy, Oak Apple Zephyr.

Old Mountain Farm Malva

2016 photo courtesy Anna Brown of Camanna's Petite Paradise.

Born 03/10/2011

Linear Appraisal 2016 (permanent) VEEE 90

NC Promisedland Ram-Beau x AGS Fairlea Flower Power +EEE 88

Malva is a powerhouse doe. Her daughter Lady Slipper is a more refined creature. We lost Malva in 2017; her kid had died in utero and required a c-section to get out. Unfortunately Malva did not survive the surgery--she was probably already septic. We are devastated. Click here to go to her page.

Camanna RM Painted Lady 6*M VEV+ 87

Camanna RM Painted Lady side view
Lady in early fall 2016, stale

Born 02/21/2012

Linear appraisal 2016 VEV+ 87

Rosasharn SP Monet *B 87VEE x GCH Rosasharn UN Bumble B 5*M 92EEEE

Lady is one of those goats that is happy to do what her goatherds wish, and her demeanor lives up to her name. She is missed. She goes on the milkstand easily, lets down her milk quickly, and likes her job. She was hard to dry off this last year! Her sister Camanna RM Tressa is a finished champion, and her GCH dam appraised exceptionally well as an aged doe. Lady shares many of her family's good traits. Pictured dry above. Lady now resides with Lorelei Hallock of Coyote Creek Dairy.

TX Twincreeks RM Rainflower

TX Twincreeks RM Rainflower side view TX Twincreeks RM Rainflower rear view
First picture summer 2015, second picture summer 2016 courtesy of Tiffany Molina

Born 08/11/2012

Linear Appraisal 2015 ++V+ 83

Castle Rock Rainmaker x GCH Piddlin Acres PM Sun Flower 87 +AEE

Rainflower freshened with a nice udder that needs more capacity, but everything is placed nicely. Since going to live with Tanya Callison of Gabhran Creek, she freshened with a phenomenal udder, good enough to win Best Udder in Show over all breeds. Side photo above is milked out. Thanks to Kellye Bussey for letting Rainflower come to our herd. Rainflower is the dam of Oak Apple Trillium.

Old Mountain Farm April 1st

Old Mountain Farm April 1st side view
Early fall 2016, stale

Born 04/01/2013

Linear Appraisal 2016 VVVA 84

Old Mountain Farm Keidan Quinn x Old Mountain Farm Sideways 7 1*M

April is loooonnnngg and level. April has incredible length of body and strength of topline. Her udder is well-attached and milks easily. April needs more capacity to see what she is all about, and will probably mature with her third or fourth freshening. She has many illustrious udders in her pedigree, so we are hopeful--I am trying to be patient! April's sire is a full brother to our herdsire, Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos. Click here to go to her page.

Oak Apple Zarzuela 3*M

Oak Apple Zarzuela side view Oak Apple Zarzuela rear view
First photo early fall 2016, stale. Second photo is a fuzzy pasture udder picture, spring 2016.

Born 10/08/2013

Linear Appraisal 2016 +VV+ 85
Linear Appraisal 2015 +VV+ 84

Dragonfly ARG Guy Fawkes x Camanna GD Moonlight Opera VEEE 91

Zarzuela is close enough in general appearance that she can be confused with her dam Opera on a casual glance. There are differences; Zarzuela has a better rump but lacks the body capacity (yet) that is needed to distinguish herself. She is starting to gain some capacity even after the 2016 photos were taken. Click here to go to her page.

SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper

Sugar Moon V Java Pepper side view Sugar Moon V Java Pepper rear view
Second freshening photos from early fall 2016, stale.

Born 03/08/2014

Linear Appraisal 2016 +V+E 86
Linear Appraisal 2015 A+AV 78

Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas *B x SG Sugar Moon Sage 4*M VEVE 90

Java has a fan club, not just because of her conformation, but also because of her sweet temperament. Java's dam, Sage, produced 950 pounds of milk in a 276 day lactation as a two-year-old, and again did well at this year's appraisal. Java has exceptional will to milk. Unlike most of our herd, it is hard to keep weight on Java as most of her feed goes right into the milk pail. Java doubles up closely on Old Mountan Farm Black Tulip, and produced two exceptionally lovely doelings by Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos this year. Java was appraised shortly after kidding this year. Thanks to Sharon Peck of Willow Moon/Sugar Moon! Click here to go to her page.

Agape Oaks AD Krugerrand

Born 03/25/2014

Linear Appraisal 2016 VVVV 86

Poppy Patch HB Adonis VVE 88 x AGS Agape Oaks Oreo EEEE 92

I became an admirer of Kru's dam Oreo when I saw Oreo late the summer of 2016. I love Oreo's length of body, and what an udder! Kru has her dam's length of boddy and strength, and we are looking forward to her next lactation. Photos to come next year--it was much too cold to clip when Kru arrived on our farm. We have retained a daughter by Flat Rock's Westley, Oak Apple Aziza. Click here to go to Krugerrand's page.

Old Mountain Farm Anahid +V+V 86

Old Mountain Farm side view Old Mountain Farm rear view
early fall 2016, stale

Born 02/17/2015

Linear Appraisal 2016 +V+V

Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk x Old Mountain Farm Anahita VEVE 88

Anahid is a lovely young doe who just happens to be full sister to Old Mountain Farm Merriment, 2017 ADGA National Breed Champion. Anahid produced an exceptional doe by Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy in 2016, Oak Apple Ginette. Anahid now resides with Lorelei Hallock of Coyote Creek Dairy.

Agape Oaks SFE Temptation

Agape Oaks SFE Temptation ADGA Nationals 2015
ADGA Nationals 2015

Born 04/25/2015

Linear Appraisal 2016 +V++ 83

Serfling Farms BW Exclamation x Agape Oaks GHIR Tiramisu EEEV 90

Temptation is a lovely young doe that needs some development to see what she is 'about'. She has a nice FF udder, just small. Stay tuned! Please click here to go to her page.

Oak Apple Damozel

Oak Apple Damozel side view Oak Apple Damozel side view
2016 kid photos

Born 03/24/2016

Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos VEV 89 x Camanna RM Painted Lady 6*M VEV+ 87

Damozel now resides at Twin Pear Farm. Her older full sister, Oak Apple Boadicea is doing quite nicely. We retained her 2017 doeling, Oak Apple Dame. Click here to go to her page.