Oak Apple Farm Kidding Schedule 2016

Here is the kidding schedule for 2016! All dates are tentative until there is a due date listed. Reservations are just verbal--once I contact you about an available kid, you have one week to get back to me with a $100 deposit to hold the kid. If you wish us NOT to disbud the price must be paid in full before disbudding. Kids will be held until two months of age, at which point the full purchase price is due (or you will forfeit the deposit). Arrangements for pickup will need to be made by that date. Please contact us for more information, especially if you are interested in a particular breeding. Bucklings may not be available even if one is produced; we are a firm believer that bucks must be something special. Due dates (145 days) are shown when a doe is confirmed bred; we used BioPryn this year for pregnancy confirmation. Available kids are indicated by prices with yellow highlighting.

Oak Apple Farm's 2016 Kidding Schedule
Dam Sire Bred Due or





Oak Apple Zarzuela Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 09/30/15 02/20/16 Triplet does, one sold to benefit the Roseburg Dairy Goat Association. 350 250
Proctor Hill Farm OR Castalia Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy 09/30/15 02/20/16 Castalia's FF udder is very nice, nice teat placement, foreudder, and lets her milk down quickly! Buck/doe twins, doeling dead on arrival. 350 n/a
Castle Rock Snegurochka Oak Apple Caliban 09/30/15 02/23/16 Two nice bucklings for Snegs--both with better length of body while keeping Snegs' great rump width. Snegs is a maternal half-sister to the 2015 ADGA National Champion. 400 250
Dragonfly HLJ Ariella Flat Rock's Westley 09/30/15 02/23/16 Two very flashy mostly white bucklings. 450 350
Piddlin Acres W Taboo E90 Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 09/30/15 02/24/16 Quads, one doe retained (Oak Apple Amelia), one very nice chamoisee doeling sold. 500 400
Camanna GD Moonlight Opera E91 Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 09/30/15 02/24/16 Another repeat breeding. Opera and her kids seem to take about two to three years and then become little powerhouses. Both doelings (Oak Apple Buffa and Oak Apple Seria) retained for now. This breeding has produced three eerily similar (fortunately very nice) doelings. Thank goodness for tattoos and RFIDs! 550 400
Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 09/30/15 02/24/16 Quints! 3 bucks, 2 does. All are doing OK for now; the littlest doeling (Oak Apple MaryB), named after our dear friend Marybeth, will be our keeper. Other doeling and one buckling spoken for. 450 300
Old Mountain Farm Mizuki Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy E92 09/30/15 02/25/16 Mizuki's udder has the nicest arching in our herd, with good teat placement and excellent attachments, too. Three very well-structured kids. Doeling (Oak Apple Kiriena) and one buck (Oak Apple Mikado) are retained. 500 400
Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy E92 09/30/15 02/25/16 Very lovely buck/doe twins. Really striking length of body and style on these two, reminiscent of last year's kids from this breeding. Doeling retained (Oak Apple Lily Pons), buckling sold. 500 400
Old Mountain Farm April 1st Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy 09/30/15 02/25/16 A line breeding on Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes EEEE 91. Triplet bucklings. Nicer second freshening udder, still needs one more freshening to peak. 400 250
Oak Apple Boadicea Oak Apple Caliban 12/15/15 04/23/16 This should be a great breeding for exceptional toplines, and hopefully great length of rump with good thurls. Here's hoping! Halifax linebreeding. Unfortunately two does one buck, born early. One doeling made it for a while. No etiology for the early birth could be found. 350 n/a
Camanna RM Painted Lady Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 10/30/15 03/24/16 2 sold, 2 retained (Oak Apple Ceridwen and Oak Apple Damozel). A repeat breeding that produced two exceptional doelings, one was Boadicea who placed well at nationals. QUAD doelings, all very nice! Woot! 450 n/a
Old Mountain Farm Anahid Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy E92 12/12/15 05/05/16 Anahid is angular and dairy; we are hoping to keep her dam's udder qualities. One very lovely doeling (Oak Apple Ginette), retained. Anahid is sold, although we may regret it... 300 n/a
Oak Apple Zephyr Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 12/13/15 05/05/16 Zephyr's dam was an excellent milker with a great udder and great attitude. We're looking forward to seeing more offspring from Mustafa to see what he can do. We'll still have to wait to see offspring with udders-another single buckling, sold. 350 n/a
Sugar Moon V Java Pepper Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 12/15/15 05/08/16 Phenotype breeding. Outcross; Java and Mustafa are tightly bred. I like Java's dairy character and exceptional will to milk. Three doelings, one buckling, all very nice! Two doelings retained (see Oak Apple Macchiato and Oak Apple Marocchino). 400 250
Old Mountain Farm Helen Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 12/19/15 05/12/16 Helen is a favorite for her width while maintaining dairy character, and exceptional front end. Interesting linebreeding. One very nice, very big, buckling is retained (Oak Apple Ardent). Helen's FF udder is lovely. Angular but very wide. This breeding will be repeated; hoping for a doeling or two! Ardent will see more use after we see Helens second fresh udder. 350 n/a
Oak Apple Nelly Melba Flat Rock's Westley 01/02/16 05/27/16 Outcross. We're curious to see what Westley will do. Two does, one buck. One doeling (Oak Apple Karuna) retained. 300 n/a