Oak Apple Farm Kidding Schedule 2018

Here is the kidding schedule for 2017! All dates are tentative until there is a due date listed. Reservations are just verbal--once I contact you about an available kid, you have one week to get back to me with a $100 deposit to hold the kid. If you wish us NOT to disbud the price must be paid in full before disbudding. Kids will be held until two months of age, at which point the full purchase price is due (or you will forfeit the deposit). Arrangements for pickup will need to be made by that date. Please email us (duva AT sbcglobal DOT net) or Facebook message us for more information, especially if you are interested in a particular breeding. Bucklings may not be available even if one is produced; we are a firm believer that bucks must be something special. Due dates (145 days) are shown when a doe is confirmed bred; we use BioPryn for pregnancy confirmation. Available kids are indicated by prices with yellow highlighting.

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Oak Apple Farm's 2016 Kidding Schedule
Dam Sire Bred Due or





SGCH Camanna GD Moonlight Opera VEEE 90 Oak Apple Audax (live)
Heaven's Hollow Majesty (AI)
10/14/17 03/08/18 Live cover is more likely to have been successful; DNA sire confirmation will be required. Audax will double up many attributes, including great udder attachment and area of attachment. These kids should be stylish! 500 400
Oak Apple Zephyr Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag 06-09 VEE 90 (AI) 10/14/17 03/08/18 AI breeding--interesting linebreeding. 350 NA
Oak Apple Mocha Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag 06-09 VEE 90 (AI) 10/14/17 03/08/18 AI breeding--another linebreeding, this time also hoping to bring in yet better shoulders/front end assembly. Mocha is better than her dam, but we are trying for perfection, right?  Mocha's udder is so nice to look at (and she milks well)! 400 300
Oak Apple Boadicea Flat Rock's Westley 10/14/17 03/08/18 Hoping to improve shoulders and attachements while hopefully keeping Boadicea's length and capacity. 300 NA
Oak Apple Karuna Oak Apple Audax 10/15/17 03/09/18 Actually a remote linebreeding, and should also be complementary. 300 NA
SG Oak Apple Cavatina Heaven's Hollow Majesty (AI) 10/18/17 03/12/18 AI breeding--another linebreeding, mostly on Baywatch. Should be interesting, in a good way, hopefully! 500 300
SG Old Mountain Helen Oak Apple Tango 10/22/17 03/16/18 Tango is a very nice buck by Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa x Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo E90. This breeding of Tango and Helen is a line breeding -- Promisedland Nemesis (Helen's dam) is a full sibling to Tempo's sire. Tango is owned by Tembi Buckingham of Sugar Pine Nigerians. 400 300
Castle Rock Snegurochka Castle Rock Cyclogenesis 10/22/17 03/16/18 I'm very excited about this breeding! Cyclogenesis is a full brother to Castle Rock Snownamie, Sneg's dam. Doing the math, this is still not incredibly close yet still complementary. 500 300
Oak Apple Kireina Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 10/23/17 03/17/18 Mustafa's kids have been consistently nice; this should be good! 400 300
Oak Apple MaryB Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 10/23/17 03/17/17 Not going to say much about this yet. Any kids will be private treaty only. private treaty private treaty
Oak Apple Amelia Oak Apple Presto 10/23/17 03/17/18 Doubling up on nice type 300 NA
Oak Apple Macchiato Oak Apple Presto 10/23/17 03/17/18 Linebreeding, we want to see udders! 300 NA
Oak Apple Marocchino Flat Rock's Westley 10/23/17 03/17/18 Doubling up on nice udders; pretty much an outcross. 350 NA
Castle Rock Firn Castle Rock Cyclogenesis 10/24/17 03/18/18 Another breeding to double up on the good Castle Rock attributes. Cyclogenesis is a half brother to Firn. Hopefully not too tight! 500 NA
Oak Apple Pandora AI Oak Apple Presto 10/24/17 03/18/18 Fairly distant linebreeding to Show Tunes (x3) and her grandsire Gay-Mor Domino's Mantis (x4) while combining some other great goats. 300 NA
Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva Gabhran Creek Forged N Fire 10/26/17 03/20/18 Linebreeding on Piddlin Acres Cajun Music (and some of the other classic does--Piddlin Acres Doe 'C' Doe and It'l Do's Chalktah), plus thought (again) this might produce something that would breed well with some of the stock/bloodlines that we are working with. Diva is a very consistent producer of great conformation; her daughter Lily has a very nice FF udder, too! 450 400
Oak Apple Lily Pons Oak Apple Audax 11/04/17 03/29/18 Loose linebreeding, and complementary. Lily is a very nice doe that has the look of a doe that will get even nicer with age. 300 200
SG Oak Apple Buffa Oak Apple Presto 11/05/17 03/30/18 Presto's kids out of Oak Apple Cavatina (full sister to Buffa) have phenomenal general appearance. I'm curious to see this mix out of a full sister. 400 300
SGM RM Solanaceae Oak Apple Arioso 11/05/17 03/30/18 Solanaceae is a similar mix to Old Mountain Farm Malva, although a generation more removed. Oak Apple Arioso should be a good mix. 400 300
Oak Apple Ginette Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 11/09/17 04/03/18 Phenotype breeding; hoping to increase thurl height and keep Ginette's good shoulder assembly. 400 300
Dragonfly HLJ Ariella Flat Rock's Westley 11/15/17 04/09/18 Hoping for does. 350 250
Oak Apple Vivace Oak Apple Arioso 11/15/17 04/09/18 Mustafa bred to Vivace and her dam produced some great kids; seeing what Mustafa's son will do. 300 200
Oak Apple Trillium Oak Apple Mikado 11/22/17 04/16/18 Interesting phenotype/milk combination. We are expecting very nice udders indeed! 350 250
SG Oak Apple Seria Oak Apple Hector 11/30/17 04/24/18 Doubling up on Cernunnos (half siblings). Should have some great phenotype and milking ability. 400 300
Solway Farm Lady Slipper Oak Apple Hector 11/30/17 04/24/18 A complementary match; linebreeding on the NC Promisedland MG Beau x Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie cross. 400 350
SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki Oak Apple Arwyn 12/13/17 05/07/18 Hoping to improve shoulders and keep Mizuki's great udder. 400 300
Oak Apple Jenny Lind AI Castle Rock Cyclogenesis 12/13/17 05/07/18 Surprising to me, but this is a linebreeding on Piddlin Acres Cajun Music, with a little Kingwood too. Also complementary by phenotype, too! 300 NA
Oak Apple Ceridwen -- -- -- -- -- --
SG Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo -- -- -- -- -- --
Proctor Hill Farm OR Castalia -- -- -- -- -- --