Oak Apple Farm
Old Mountain Farm April 1st

Old Mountain Farm April 1st Stats
Old Mountain Farm April 1st
Old Mountain Farm Keidan Quinn x Old Mountain Farm Sideways 7
April is loooonnnngg and level. April has incredible length of body and strength of topline. Her udder is well-attached and milks easily. April needs more capacity to see what she is all about, and will probably mature with her third or fourth freshening. She has many illustrious udders in her pedigree, so we are hopeful--I am trying to be patient! April's sire is a full brother to our herdsire, Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos.
Old Mountain Farm April 1st side view Old Mountain Farm April 1st rear view
First photo fall 2016 (stale), second photo spring 2016
Old Mountain Farm April 1st yearling
Dry two year old

Old Mountain April 1st Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
2016 03-03 VVVA 84

Old Mountain April 1st Offspring
born sire names
02/25/2016 Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92 Oak Apple Eclipse (buck)
two unregistered bucklings
04/23/2017 SG +*B Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 05-01 VEV 89 Oak Apple Branwen
Oak Apple April 23

Old Mountain April 1st Milk Production
Milk Production
Lactation Age DIM milk # fat # fat % prot # prot % comments
02 02-10 305 330 6.4 21 4.5 15

Old Mountain April 1st Pedigree
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Old Mountain Farm April 1st ADGA Pedigree