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*B Castle Rock Cyclogenesis

*B Castle Rock Cyclogenesis Stats
*B Castle Rock Cyclogenesis 03-03 +VV 85
++*B CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon x SGVH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 05-02 VEEE 91
We are excited to announce the arrival of this buck! We have been fortunate to add a few does from Sarah Hawkins and Andy Pestanis of Castle Rock Farm. We love these does' width, will to milk, area of udder attachment, and sweet personalities. We are hoping to cross a few things from the buck side to incorporate some of these excellent qualities into our herd. Thanks also to Laurie Hunt of Grace Ridge Goats for facilitating! More photos hopefully to come as the temperatures warm.
Castle Rock Cyclogenesis as kid
Cyclogenesis as a kid photo courtesy of Sarah Hawkins and Andy Pestanis of Castle Rock Farm

Castle Rock Cyclogenesis Linear Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
2016 02-05 VVV 86
2017 03-03 +VV 85

Castle Rock Cyclogenesis Offspring
Retained Offspring (or relevant)
born dam names
due 2018!

Castle Rock Cyclogenesis Pedigree
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Castle Rock Cyclogenesis pedigree