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Oak Apple MaryB
Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 02-03 VEE 89 x SG Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo 06-10 EVEV 90
MaryB is named after our dear friend and small ruminant mentor Marybeth Bullington of Elfin Acres. MaryB was one of the smallest kids we have had. She rapidly grew too week to nurse and was going downhill. I heard Marybeth's voice in my head saying "Warm them up, #$^*% !!" So we brought this limp kid into the kitchen, heated up water in the kitchen sink to about 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) and put MaryB in to soak. When her rectal temp got up to 100 we tube fed her and MaryB was on her way. Thank goodness, as she is a nice young lady. Although small, she was the definite keeper out of quints. She is left open as a dry yearling for 2017 to get some size. We love her structural correctness. Please scroll down to see pictures, linear appraisal scores, progeny, milk production data (if available) and pedigree.
Oak Apple MaryB side view Oak Apple MaryB kid rear view
MaryB as a wee lass

Oak Apple MaryB Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
not fresh

Oak Apple MaryB Offspring
born sire names
due 2018 SG +*B Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 05-01 VEV 89 crossing my fingers...

Oak Apple MaryB Milk Production
Milk Production
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not fresh

Oak Apple MaryB Pedigree
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Oak Apple MaryB pedigree