Oak Apple Farm
Oak Apple Mocha

Oak Apple Mocha Stats
Oak Apple Mocha 01-11 ++VV 82
SG +*B Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 05-01 VEV 89 x SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M 03-03 +VVE 87
Despite Mocha's trauma at the end of her pregnancy (a few of the curious goats got into the sheep side of the barn, through a heavy steel panel), Mocha has come into milk and managed to appraise as expected for her age and maturity. We are looking forward to her second freshening in 2018, hopefully this time without the trauma! Please scroll down to see pictures, linear appraisal scores, progeny, milk production data (if available) and pedigree.
Oak Apple Mocha Side View Oak Apple Mocha rear view
Mocha in summer 2017

Oak Apple Mocha Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
2017 01-11 ++VV 82

Oak Apple Mocha Offspring
born sire names
05/01/2017 Gabhran Creek Forged N Fire Two does, two bucks, DOA after escape into sheep territory.

Oak Apple Mocha Milk Production
Milk Production
lactation age DIM milk # fat % fat # prot % prot # comments
in process

Oak Apple Mocha Pedigree
Clicking on the pedigree image below will lead to the ADGA genetics interactive pedigree.
Oak Apple Mocha pedigree