Oak Apple Farm
SG Piddlin Acres W Taboo

SG Piddlin Acres W Taboo VEEE 90 Stats
SG Piddlin Acres W Taboo 07-10 VEEE 90
MI Sugarcreek NT Sil's Winston *B x Piddlin Acres KR Dilemma
Taboo is a stylish doe, and appraised well as an aged doe. Her udder hasn't changed appreciably from the photos below. Her daughters (that we have seen so far) have the same nice high udder with a great area of attachment. Please scroll down to see pictures, progeny, linear appraisal scores, milk production data (if available) and pedigree.
Piddlin Acres W Taboo side view Piddlin Acres W Taboo rear view
A younger Taboo--her udder is unchanged
Piddlin Acres W Taboo rear udder
2015, a few hours fill
Piddlin Acres W Taboo yearling side view
Taboo as a stylish dry yearling

Piddlin Acres W Taboo Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
2015 07-11 VEEE 90

Piddlin Acres W Taboo Offspring
born sire names
02/11/2009 Piddlin Acres BZ Cowboy Boots Piddlin Acres CB Zena
04/13/2010 Piddlin Acres Bo's Rock Star Piddlin Acres BRS Nitty Gritty (buck)
Piddlin Acres Bells N Whistles (buck)
03/12/2011 Pecan Hollow C American Pride Piddlin Acres Redneck Carnival (buck)
03/07/2015 Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92 Oak Apple Jocasta
Oak Apple Greta Go Girl
02/24/2016 Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos Oak Apple Amelia
Oak Apple Grace O'Malley
02/24/2016 Piddlin Acres BRS Juke Box (AI) Oak Apple Audax
Oak Apple Shazam
Oak Apple Pandora

Piddlin Acres W Taboo Milk Production
Milk Production
lactation age DIM milk # fat % fat # prot % prot # comments
06 08-06 270 320 5.9 19 4.1 13 in process

Piddlin Acres W Taboo Pedigree
Clicking on the pedigree image below will lead to the ADGA genetics interactive pedigree.
Piddlin Acres W Taboo ADGA Pedigree