Oak Apple Farm
Oak Apple Zephyr +V+A 81

Oak Apple Zephyr Stats
Oak Apple Zephyr
Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92 x Old Mountain Farm Storm Brew'n
Zephyr is starting to come into her own later in her lactation. Looking forward to next lactation! Please scroll down to see pictures, linear appraisal scores, progeny, milk production data (if available) and pedigree.
Oak Apple Zephyr 2016 side view
2016 FF, stale
Oak Apple Zephyr 2015 kid side view
Zephyr as a kid

Oak Apple Zephyr Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
2016 01-02 +V+A 81
2016 02-02 +V++ 84

Oak Apple Zephyr Offspring
born sire names
05/05/2016 Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 02-03 VEE 89 single buck, unregistered
05/05/2017 Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa 02-03 VEE 89 four very nice unregistered bucklings
due 2018 Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag 06-08 VEE 90 AI due 2018

Oak Apple Zephyr Milk Production
Milk Production
lactation age DIM milk # fat % fat # prot % prot # comments
01 01-01 305 hopefully updated soon

Oak Apple Zephyr Pedigree
Clicking on the pedigree image below will lead to the ADGA genetics interactive pedigree.
Oak Apple Zephyr pedigree