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Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M

Old Mountain Farm Mizuki Stats
Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M
Old Mountain Farm Hakama +*B x NC Promisedland Palita EEEE 90
Mizuki is in our herd because of her open dairy strength and milk potential. She is the daughter of Palita, who has been on the top ten list for milk production multiple times. Mizuki is an 'easy keeper' so she has been on reduced rations until she starts maintaining her condition and production. We kept a 2016 buckling, Oak Apple Mikado, by Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92, who had a couple trial breedings this year. Please scroll down to see pictures, linear appraisal scores, milk production data (if available) and pedigree.
Old Mountain Farm Mizuki side viewOld Mountain Farm Mizuki rear udder
First photo 2016 early fall (stale); second photo 2016 spring hairy pasture photo
Old Mountain Farm Mizuki dry
2014, dry
Old Mountain Farm Mizuki Appraisal
Linear Appraisal
year age score comments
2016 tattoo error

Old Mountain Farm Mizuki Offspring
born sire names
03/20/2011 Old Mountain Farm Saranghae Old Mountain Farm Majestic (buck)
04/20/2014 Old Mountain Farm Endurance Rockstar Ranch Canyon Jack (buck)
Rockstar Ranch Guilty Pleasure
02/25/2016 Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92 Oak Apple Mikado (buck)
Oak Apple Kiriena
one unregistered buckling

Old Mountain Farm Mizuki Milk Production
Milk Production
lactation age DIM milk # fat % fat # prot % prot # comments
03 06-01 305 630 5.6 35 4.1 26 Not fed for production--she is an 'easy keeper'!


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Old Mountain Farm Mizuki pedigree